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  • Unique flexible beveling machine able to bevel plates and tubes, including large diameters. Its flexibility, versatility and high-speed bevel, make the CHP 12 the first model to be sold all over the world with years of international success. The early design dates back to 1972, built into our corporate Cevisa DNA, exported to thousands of companies across the 5 continents, being a reference for steel industries. In short, it was created to optimize welding preparation processes.

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    The beveller CHP 12 remains the most efficient and reliable beveling machine on the market. It replaces manual tiresome processes for workers, avoiding high production costs for the company. Proven high cost-effectiveness: 6-meter plates beveled in less than 3 minutes

    • Benefits of plate and tube beveller CHP 12
    • High average cutters lifespan: about 1.000 m
    • High profitability: Extremely low cost/beveled meter/ minute Zero maintenance.
    • Self-feed.
    • Easy-to-handle and easy to use. Flexible.

    Technical Specifications


    Speed: 2.6 m/min
    Maximum bevel in one run: 12 mm*
    Maximum bevel recommended in several runs: 17 mm*
    Maximum recommended thickness: plates and tubes up to 20 mm
    Nominal thickness: plates and tubes from 6 mm to 40 mm
    Double bevel with 2 machines working in parallel: CHP 12 + CHP12 INV
    Plate beveling: width min. 55 mm (for smaller width, please consult)
    Tube bevelling: Ø min. int.100 mm
    Disc bevelling: Ø min. 350 mm
    * Dimensions calculated on 400 Mpa steel, bevel length


    Motor: three-phase
    Motor power: 3 CV – 2.2 kW


    220/380 V. 50 Hz
    250/440 V. 60 Hz
    For other voltages, please consult us
    Electric box with:

    Emergency stop button.
    Thermomagnetic switch trip.
    Net weight: 65 Kg
    Works height: adjustable
    Reversing switch

    Product Video Available At : https://youtu.be/W5D8ByciGoY

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