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  • The plate and tube beveling machine CHP 12 G is the adjustable version of the CHP 12. Fully equipped, this machine is designed for bevelling plates and tubes at any angle between 20 to 45°with an optimum plate/machine working position.
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    The trolley improves machine stability and cutter life and makes this machine easy to use for large plate chamfering / weld seams preparation.

    This machine is crucial for overall higher production performance. Faster and more stable, with no dust or noise, this fast self-feed bevelling system reduces wasted time and costs more than 80% throughout the entire sheet metal welding preparation process. Furthermore, No supervisory control is needed from workers during bevelling process.

    Benefits of adjustable shearing cutting bevelling machine CHP 12 G

    • Constant and uniform bevel angles and depth
    • The fastest & the most stable to bevel large plates
    • Easy to handle and install
    • Security: no need for supervisory control Flexible

    Speed: 2.6 m/min
    Maximum bevel in one run: 12 mm*
    Maximum bevel recommended in several runs: 17 mm*
    Maximum recommended thickness: plates and tubes up to 20 mm
    Nominal thickness: plates and tubes from 6 mm to 30 mm
    Plate beveling: width min. 55 mm (for smaller width, please consult)
    Tube bevelling: Ø min. int.100 mm
    Disc bevelling: Ø min. 350 mm

    * Dimensions calculated on 400 Mpa steel, bevel length

    Bevel blueprint
    Plate bevelling: K, V, X and Y bevels
    Pipe bevelling: vertical or horizontal position – K, V, X and Y bevels, on the inside or the outside of the tube (depending on diameters).
    Bevel speed: 2.6 m/ min.
    Motor: three-phase
    Motor power: 3 CV – 2.2 kW


    220/380 V. 50 Hz.
    250/440 V. 60 Hz.
    For other voltages, please consult us
    Electric box with

    Emergency stop button
    Thermomagnetic switch trip
    Net weight: 135 Kg
    Works height: adjustable
    Reversing switch

    Product Video Available At : https://youtu.be/ONRXih3eoSk

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